Our Philosophy

Boneham & Turner Ltd's manufacturing facility in the UK.

Boneham & Turner Ltd’s UK Manufacturing Facility

Boneham Metal Products Inc., was established in 1972 and operates out of New Jersey and is the sister company of Boneham & Turner Ltd , established 1918. BMP specialize in the supply of drill bushings, of all varieties in Inch and Metric sizes, as well as precision hardened and ground dowel pins. Boneham Metal Products supply all standard variants as well as special requirements to customer drawings and specifications.

The commitment to provide a service to Boneham Metal Product’s customers which is second to none has been a philosophy which has contributed to the Company’s success and, continues to be the policy.

Boneham Metal Products are pleased to offer our customers a continued service for the future, built on the foundation of its past, which has been strong, reliable, solid, and innovative, providing tomorrow’s solutions from a wealth of experience.

Our catalogues are available for your information for dowel pins and drill bushings on this site as well as a request form for hardcopies.

For a visual insight into the Boneham & Turner Ltd UK Manufacturing Centre, please click on the thumbnails below: