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Slip-Fixed Renewable Drill Bushings


Key Features:

  • SF Type ANSI Bushings
  • OD Ground to Slide Fit Size
  • Special Sizes Available
  • Nitralloy (Nitrided) Bushings Available
  • Tight Tolerances, Heat-treated and Ground Finish
WHEN ORDERING STATE: Quantity, Symbol, Bore Size and whether its for a Drill or Reamer


Slip-Fixed Renewable Drill Bushings

Slip-Fixed Renewable Drill Bushings incorporate two features on one bush. Used in conjunction with liner bushes, Slip-Fixed Renewable Drill Bushings can be held in place by a lock screw, tenon or stop pin. The bush is a slide fit in its corresponding liner, which allows for accurate alignment and easy replacement.

The removable fixed feature of the bushing is normally used in high production work. The bushing can be easily and quickly replaced with a minimum loss of production. The removable slip feature of the bush is used when more than one operation is carried out. Many drill sizes can be used with one bushing liner. The bushing is instantly removable after each operation. Both methods are designed to speed up operations and improve productivity. The knurled head allows for easy handling of the bushing to enable it to be rotated out of the removable slip feature.