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Metric Lock Screws and Round Clamps


Key Features:

  • Lock screws and Clamps for Locking RD and RPS Bushings in liners
  • For use with Metric BMP Type Renewable Bushings
  • Dimensions to suit BMP’s full range of RD and RPS Bushings
  • Case hardened
For use with ISO standard Slip-Fixed Renewable Metric Bushings


Metric Lock Screws - For use with Metric Renewable Type Bushings

Metric Round Clamps and Lock Screws are used in conjunction with the Slip Fixed renewable bushings and form part of a drilling assembly with the liners. The metric clamps and screws are used to lock the RD and RPS bushing in place.

Metric Round Clamps

The metric clamps are slightly more robust than their lock screw counterpart; they can be fastened with a cap screw on the ‘fixed’ side of the bushing.

Metric Lock Screws

These lock screws can be mounted on either side of the bushing, both the ‘fixed’ and ‘slip’ areas of the head. Lock screws are easy to use and are and economical choice for retaining the bushing.