Drill Bushings

Here at the Boneham Group we have been manufacturing Drill Bushings for over 100 years. Boneham Drill Bushings are manufactured to ANSI Standards. Additional sizes of Bushings have been incorporated into the range over many decades of manufacture. Therefore Boneham is likely to have the solution for you.

Precision Drill bushings are highly accurate guides for drill bits and reamers. Furthermore, Boneham’s reliable bushings ensure the drill enters the work-piece square, with defined accuracy. Drill bushings also prevent drill wondering, chatter and drill breakage.

In a typical drill fixture setup with bushings, a jig is located and locked onto the work-piece to ensure repeatable positioning of the drill bushing and resultant drilled holes. Moreover, due to their accuracy and concentric nature, drill bushings lend themselves to, not only drilling applications, but location, alignment and rollers.

Drill bushings are traditionally used with hole making tools such as drill bits, pilot drills and fluted reams. The SF bushing assembly combines two bushings for either repeat use or multi-step operations. There are options that suit complex fixed fixtures, as well as, mobile hand held tools.

The majority of Boneham parts are marked for easy identification of the internal diameter size. They are blackened on un-ground surfaces to provide a superior finish.

Hardened to 60-65 and made from superior ball bearing steel, displaying enhanced wear and abrasion resistant properties. Common sizes range between diameters of 0.0156″ to 1.7656″. Available types and profiles are in the adjacent list. With many special variations manufactured to customer specification and drawing.

Key Features

  • P Type ANSI Headless Bushings
  • PM Type ANSI Metric Bushings
  • PTW Type ANSI Thin Wall Bushings
  • H Type ANSI Head Bushings
  • HM Type ANSI Metric Bushings
  • HTW Type ANSI Thin Wall Bushings
  • SF Type ANSI Combination Bushings
  • SF-TW Type ANSI Combination Bushings
  • SFM Type ANSI Combination Bushings
  • L Type ANSI Liner Bushings
  • L-TW ANSI Thin Wall Bushings
  • HL Type ANSI Head Liner Bushings
  • U-Lock Liner Bushings
  • SP Type Serrated Press Bushings
  • SPM Type Serrated Press Bushings
  • DG Type Diamond Groove Bushings
  • DGM Type Diamond Groove Bushings
  • Handle Bushings HB
  • Lock Screws and Clamps
  • ISO and DIN Standard Drill Bushings
  • GS Serrated Economy Bushings