ASME Metric Dowel Pins

Key Features

  • Precision Ground Alloy Steel
  • Diameters from 1.5mm to 25mm
  • Surface Hardness 60 HRC min
  • Core Hardness 50-58 HRC
  • Chamfer and Radius Profile

WHEN ORDERING: Identify the nominal diameter required and then choose the length from the chart in 'Technical Data'. Example: ANSI Metric: 4mm x 16mm

ASME Metric Dowel Pins

Standard ASME B 18.8. 100m-2000 / Standard Material SAE 5140 / ASME Metric Dowel Pins

Boneham Metal Products’ ASME metric dowel pins are precision hardened and ground parallel pins. Boneham ASME Metric Dowel Pins are engineered to tight tolerance limits in SAE 5140. Limits are ground for accurate locating and alignment in drilled and reamed holes.

ASME Metric Dowel Pins are used in applications where exact alignment is required. Commonly used for location, dowel pins are also used for the connection of two work pieces where significant sideways force maybe supplied. Please talk to our team about shear strengths associated with the ASME/ANSI standard.

Boneham Metal Products offer a complete range of hardened steel and stainless steel dowel pin, available in both plain and pull (internally threaded) styles. Standard measurements in INCH and METRIC. Custom pins to print can also be quoted and manufactured to most customer requirements. Please download the catalogue page for the full ASME metric dowel pin range of sizes.

Limits on Metric Dowel Pin Diameters are:

1.5mm to 3mm + .003 / +.008mm
4mm to 6mm + .004 / +.009mm
8mm to 10mm + .006 / +.012mm
12mm to 16mm + .007 / +.013mm
20mm to 25mm + .008 / +0.14mm

ANSI standard parallel dowel pins are chamfered at the insertion end for easy location. Dowel pins are ground with accurate tolerances for exact alignment.

Other materials available to order.