Dowel Pin Puller Kit

Key Features

  • Includes extractor tool
  • Metric and Inch
  • Metric includes 7 heads and the Inch 5 heads
  • Highly durable and ergonomic black case

Choose the kit for you: The Dowel Pin Puller Kit comes in INCH DPE002 or Metric DPE001

The Boneham Dowel Pin Puller Kit is made up of a DPE Dowel Puller and a selection of heads to fit most pull dowel sizes. The Dowel pin puller is used to extract pull dowels from their location hole.

The Dowel Pin Puller Kit is supplied in a hard, durable and ergonomic black plastic case. The kit is ideal for tool control and production environments. Each head case in labeled by identification and control.

For the INCH kit choose part DPE002
For the Metric Kit choose part DPE001