Boneham – The History

1918 saw the end of World War I and the incorporation of Boneham and Turner Ltd. Although it is understood that the firm was manufacturing pre 1918 and involved in the war effort during WWI, the company officially formed in August 1918 under the ownership of Mr John Boneham MBE to produce jigs, press tools and fixtures.

John Boneham MBE

During World War II Boneham and Turner Ltd was heavily involved in the war effort again, making aircraft parts for the Wellington and Lancaster.

Boneham and Turner Duke StreetBoneham and Turner Duke Street

In 1936 as a springboard from toolmaking, a range of jig and tool components were developed. This particularly included Drill Bushings, the sizes and range of which became the basis for the current British Standard. In order to provide the accuracy for these components, a suitable grinding spindle was required which was not readily available in the UK at the time. The company therefore developed its own range of precision grinding spindles which led to Boneham & Turner becoming the most respected name for machine tool spindles in the industry.

The year of 1968 was the Golden Jubilee Anniversary of the company, and at that time the business had increased to account for approximately 6000 customers worldwide. Boneham and Turner Ltd became established as one of the leading suppliers of Fine Boring Machines and equipment, Jig Bushes and Dowel Pins and other general Jig and Tool Components. Customers at this time included such names as I.C.I., Ford Motor Co., Lucas Aerospace and Rolls-Royce Ltd.

As the company continued to grow, in 1976 Boneham and Turner acquired the Drill Bushing interest of a major competitor which contributed to increased sales and production for the company. It is during this time that the company purchased Boneham Metal Products Inc. in the USA. With a manufacturing facilities in Ireland, Mansfield and sales offices in the UK and USA, the B&T brand of machine tool spindles, drill bushings and other tooling components continued to grow.

Boneham 100 years