Blind Serrated Bushings for Composites

Key Features

  • Carbon Tool Steel
  • Hardened
  • Blind hole to prevent drill penetration
  • Specials manufactured

WHEN ORDERING: Choose the ID required based on the pin diameter in use. Select the part number from the corresponding length required. E.g. BLGS14-5/16"

Blind Serrated Bushings for Composites are an adaptation of the Boneham standard GS serrated and grooved bushing. They are designed to be the receiving bushing in the bottom of composite mold tools. As with the standard bushing, they are hardened to prevent drills damaging the mold when performing a careful drilling operation to remove flash from the bushing or to remove nylon dowel pins. Preventing drills from piercing the base mold maintains the vacuum integrity of the mold and prevents unnecessary scrapping.

Blind Serrated Bushings for Composites can be used in conjunction with: