DIN 172A Headed Drill Bushing

Key Features

  • Drill bush, drill diameters from 0.7mm to 105mm
  • F7 ID drill limits
  • OD ground to suit H6 limits

WHEN ORDERING PLEASE STATE: Quantity, Part code and ID size required from the Technical Data tab. Example PH15E 10MM

DIN 172A Headed Drill Bushing

PH Type Metric Drill Bushing to BS1098 Pt.2 1977/ISO 4247 / DIN 172A

Headed Drill Bushings are identical to the plain DIN 179A but feature a head. The head of the drill bushing can be counter bored into the plate if a flush finish is required or sat proud in the fixture. The benefit of using a headed bushing is that they stand up to greater force from the drill or location system.

Drill bushings can also be used as accurate alignment bushings in work pieces or composite moldings.