DIN 6321 Location Pins

Key Features

  • Manufactured to DIN 6321
  • Seating, Cylindrical and Flattened Types
  • Precision Ground Surfaces
  • Hardened Tool Steel
  • Variety of Precision Uses
  • Accurate and Quality Location Pins

DIN 6321 Location Pins

Seating Pins to DIN 6321

Seating Pins are location pins to DIN 6321. These Seating Pins have a chamfered head which permits easier location into the work piece. Seating Pins feature two diameters. The smaller diameter is press fit, with the larger head offering a clearance fit with the work piece. Quite frequently Seating Location Pins are used as bearing surfaces for tools, jigs and fixtures. Seating pins can also be used for height setting and rest buttons.

Cylindrical Location Pin to DIN 6321

Cylindrical Locating Pins can also be referred to as Stepped Pins. Cylindrical or Stepped Location Pins are precision ground on two diameters. The small diameter of the location pin is ground to n6 and the large ground diameter to g6. Manufactured in accordance with DIN 6321, cylindrical location pins are used for the location of work pieces and fixture elements on a jig. Location pins are straightforward to install, simple to use and remain a highly accurate work locating solution.

Diamond Location Pin to DIN 6321

Diamond Locating Pins are also known as Flattened Location Pins. Flattened location pins feature a relieved face and are designed to overcome differences in tolerances. The diamond or relieved profile of the location pin prevents binding when two pins are precisely locating the work piece on a fixture. Location pins can also be used for one directional positioning when locating a work piece. Diamond locating pins can be sited with other location pins to create a diverse range of configurations and designs for irregular profiles.