Gun Drill Insert Bushings: GDI Type

Key Features

  • Diameters 5/64″ to 3/4″
  • Heat treated to HRC 62-65
  • ID / OD concentric within 0.0002 TIR
  • ID tolerance -0.000 / + 0.0002

WHEN ORDERING: Please state part number followed by required bore (ID) size: Example GDI-13-8 0.890

Gun Drill Insert Bushings: GDI Type

BONEHAM’s ‘GDI Type’ bushings are high precision bushings for gun-drilling machines. These gun drill insert bushings are for use in the ’GDL Type’ master bushing manufactured by Boneham. Together, these bushings form a highly accurate and concentric system. The advantage of using this two-piece bushing system, is increased flexibility over the GDE-Type, one-piece solution. Each ‘GDL Type’ bushing can hold a range of GDI inserts, making interchangeability straight forward. Bushings can be changed quickly due to drill size changes or after wear.

Boneham’s GDI Type gun drill bushings come in 6 OD sizes as standard. Ranging from 13/64 to 1″. With customer specified bore range from .0635″ to .7656″. Boneham can manufacture gun drill bushings to customer requirement, offering 3/4″ and 1″ length gun drill insert bushings upon request. Gun drill bushings should be replaced once worn. Concentricity is paramount. For information on the corresponding GDL Inserts, please download the catalogue page.

The Boneham brand of bushings is synonymous with quality and a global leader in drill bushing manufacture. With large inventories in the UK and USA, as well as special variations and to print. Boneham can provide precision solutions to customer requirement.

Boneham bushings are manufactured to ANSI and ISO standards. With a culture of close adherence to strict quality procedures. Boneham ensures your customers receive a bushing with superior attention to limits and concentricity.

Boneham Metal Products Inc. is represented throughout the US by manufacturers’ representatives, distributors and catalog houses. For more information, download the PDF catalog page. Alternatively, call the technical sales team in New Jersey. Our team will advise you on the best possible solution for your manufacturing needs. Catalogs are available on request and through authorised distributors.