Head Liner Drill Bushing

Key Features

  • ANSI Standard Bushing
  • Diameters from 5/16" to 2-1/4"
  • Hardened to 60-65 HRC
  • OD Ground Lead for Easy Installation
  • ID Radius Improves SF Location

WHEN ORDERING PLEASE STATE: Quantity, Symbol followed by the ANSI Code found in the 'Technical Data' tab. Example 6, HL-32-22

Head Liner Drill Bushing – HL

The shouldered, or head liner drill bushing: can be with countersunk to a flush position or left proud. Head liners are used with fixed & slip renewable drill bushings and are permanently pressed into a drill jig or fixture plate.

This range of drill / jig bushings is similar to the H range. The head drill bushing type contain a shoulder at the top of the bushing to allow greater axial force, so not to slip out the plate, and aids where it is desired, to feed down to a dead stop. The head of the bushing also allows it to be pressed into the plate easier and can be left either exposed above the plate surface or counter-bored to sit flush. These bushings are denominated by the HL reference. All BONEHAM drill bushings are hardened and have a ground finish to a press fit size.

The Head Liner Drill Bushing is designed for use with the SF range of Slip-Fixed Renewable Bushings from BONEHAM. They can also be used by themselves, or in other applications such as alignment and locating.

The BONEHAM bushing range represent the highest standard of quality and are available through our comprehensive distributor network.