Knurled Mold Clamps

Key Features

  • Mild steel
  • Black oxide finish
  • Deep knurl
  • Resin recess
  • Compact design

When ordering check the size of bolt and thread required and choose corresponding part number. Example: / M8 Bolt: Bushing: GSCL-8MM-B and Nut: GSCL-8MM-N If a shoulder bolt is being used. Example: / 8MM Shoulder Bolt with 6mm thread: Bushing GS14-8.00MM and Nut: GSCL6MM-N Bushing Types -B: Suitable for standard bolts

Knurled Mold Clamps are designed by Boneham to be used in the composite mold process. The split composite mold process can require accurate alignment and good torque resistance. The GSCL mold clamp range is relatively compact and reduces mold scrappage whilst providing dedicated components which reduce subcontract and multi-component requirements. The bushing and nut are purchased separately so a more precise bushing, such as a GS or PP type bushing can also be used if required. The nut can be used with standard bolts or a shoulder bolt.

Knurled Mold Clamps can be used as a nut and bushing assembly or with Boneham pins and drill bushings. There is also a short version of the bushing element which can be used for thinner work pieces.

Knurled Mold Clamps can be used with: