SPM Serrata Press Fit Drill Bushing

Metric Part Serrated Drill Bushings

Key Features

  • Diameters from 1.2mm to 26mm
  • Hardened to 60-65 HRC
  • ID radius improves drill entry
  • Top OD serrated
  • Bottom OD ground

WHEN ORDERING STATE: Quantity, Symbol, Bore Size and whether its for a Drill or Reamer: Example: 6 SPM-7-16-4MM

Metric Part Serrated Drill Bushings – SPM TYPE

Metric Serrata Press Fit Drill Bushings are part serrated and known as SPM Type Serrated Bushings. The ‘SPM Type’ drill bushing is similar to the ‘PM Type’ bushing but for a part serrated OD. These bushings are designed to press into soft materials such as wood, plastics and soft metals. The top half of the bushing outside diameter is serrated to prevent rotational movement and increased axial resistance in the jig or fixture. The second half of the Serrata press fit bushing is finish ground for accurate and easy location and positioning.

The metric Serrata press fit drill bushing is available in 11 different OD sizes. These metric sizes range from 5mm to 26mm. There is a choice of 9 standard drill bushing lengths. These vary depending on the OD size and range from 6mm to 36mm. All bushings are hardened to 60-65 HRC for maximum life.

The Boneham brand of bushings is synonymous with quality and a global leader in drill bushing manufacture. With large inventories in the UK and USA, as well as special variations and to print. Boneham can provide precision solutions to customer requirement.

Boneham bushings are manufactured to ANSI and ISO standards. With a culture of close adherence to strict quality procedures. Boneham ensures your customers receive a bushing with superior attention to limits and concentricity.

Boneham Metal Products Inc. is represented throughout the US by manufacturers’ representatives, distributors and catalog houses. For more information, download the PDF catalog page. Alternatively, call the technical sales team in New Jersey. Our team will advise you on the best possible solution for your manufacturing needs. Catalogs are available on request and through authorized distributors.