Soft Serrated GS Bushings

Key Features

  • Soft natural condition
  • Re-workable in the mold
  • For location purposes

WHEN ORDERING: Identify the bushing ID and length required. Use the corresponding part reference plus the ID size. Example: SFGS14-5/16"

Soft Serrated GS Bushings for Composites feature a serrated OD and a resin recess. Soft Serrated GS Bushings are frequently used in glass fiber, composites or synthetic jigs. These soft bushings are the same as GS bushings, but are in a soft natural state. Soft Serrated GS Bushings are designed to reworked in the mold or fixture should alignment be slightly off center. This bushing allows for reduced scrap rates in molds due to the freedom of correction. The serrations and grooved recess lock the bushing in place. These features prevent axial movement by allowing resin to flow through the channels created through the serration and grooving of the OD. These bushings are denoted by the SFGS part code.

Soft Serrated GS Bushings can be used with other Boneham solutions such as: