Bullet Nose Pin Liner

Bullet Nose Liner Bushing

Key Features

  • Precision Ground Locating System
  • Black Oxide Finish
  • Case Hardened
  • ID and OD Concentric to 0.0003 TIR
  • Inch and Metric Sizes

WHEN ORDERING: Please identify the diameter of the pin required and select the corresponding liner from the Technical Data tab. Example: BNL3751

Bullet Nose Liner Bushing

Liner bushings for Bullet Nose Dowels are the receiving component of the precision locating system. The inside diameter is ground to accurately locate the bullet nose dowel into the bushing. The ID and OD of the bushing are ground concentric to 0.0003 TIR. If you cannot find the size of the component you are looking for, Boneham can manufacture specials upon request.