Headless Press Fit Drill Bushings

Headless Liner Thin Wall Drill Bushings

Key Features

  • Diameters from 3/16" to 1-1/2""
  • Hardened to 60-65 HRC
  • OD Lead for Easy Installation
  • ID Radius Improves SF Location
  • OD Ground to Press Fit

WHEN ORDERING STATE: Quantity, Symbol. Example: L-TW-40-4" Nitride and Carbide alternatives can be manufactured

Headless Liner Thin Wall Bushings

The Headless Liner Thin Wall Drill Bushings or ‘LTW Type’ have all the features of the ‘L Type’ bushing but with the added feature of a thin wall. Thin wall bushings are selected in preference to the Headless Liner Drill Bushing when space on the jig plate is the principle driver behind tool layout. Thin wall drill bushings allow for narrow hole spacing. The headless liner drill bushing is pressed into the plate or fixture to achieve a flush surface. The bushings are installed after a simple drilling and reaming operation.

Liner bushings are for use with renewable bushings such as Slip Fixed – SF bushings.

Boneham drill bushings are precision ground on the outside and inside diameters with leads on the OD for easy location. A entry point radius provides easy location of the renewable bushing.

The BONEHAM bushing range represent the highest standard of quality and are available through our comprehensive distributor network.