Short Knurled Mold Bushing

Key Features

  • Mild steel
  • Chemically blacked or natural for BS7
  • Deep knurl
  • Compact design
  • 7mm long

When ordering check the size of bolt and thread required and choose corresponding part number. Example: / M8 Bolt: Bushing: GSCL-8MM-BS and Nut: GSCL-8MM-N If a dowel pin is being used. Example: / DP35B 8MM Pin order: Bushing GSCL8MM-B7 and Nut: GSCL-6MM-N Bushing Types: / BS: Suitable for standard bolts / BS7: Suitable for Boneham Dowel Pins

The Short Knurled Mold Bushing is a shortened version of the Knurled Mold Clamp Bushing. The short version does not feature a resin groove, but allows for alignment when depth of locating material is at a minimum and a standard length bushing is not suitable. The short mold clamp is available in two versions:

BS: Short version of GSCL-**-B for a fastening bolt
BS7: Machined for a locating dowel pin.

Short Knurled Mold Bushings can be used in conjunction with: