T-Bar Jig Pins

Key Features

  • Hardened and Ground Pin
  • Inch and Metric Pin Sizes
  • Mild Steel Body
  • Push Fit T-Bar
  • Accurate Alignment with BONEHAM Bushings
  • Raised Body

WHEN ORDERING: Identify the nominal diameter of the pin required (A) and then choose the length of the pin. Example: 1/2" x 2"

T-Bar Jig Pins from Boneham

T-Bar Jig Pins are removable precision ground alignment and location pins. T-Bar Jig Pins are designed to correctly align holes in sectional jigs. The handle pin allows for a T or L style arrangement by simply tapping the bar with a hammer. The T or L pin feature provides easy hand grip, whilst the shouldered body gives clearance rapid subtraction of the pin. The groove in the body can accept a lanyard for retaining the pin to the jig. These jig pins are Ideal for various applications where alignment or locating is required. When used with BONEHAM bushings, these location pins create a very precise location system.